Inspired by health, nature and positive living.

A family-owned business, The LimeTree Hotel's name came about from its owner's passion for limes, where much research and time had been spent at the family's privately owned plantation in Kuching to grow these Tahitian, seedless limes.

Previously an office space, The LimeTree Hotel building was acquired in 2007 by current owners, followed by a major renovation process to realize the vision of new, contemporary hotel with a refreshing concept based on lime. The hotel also strives to adopt green ways within the hotel in support of the saving the environment wherever possible.

The unique characteristics of the lime, sometimes dubbed the "green lemon", often make lime closely related to fresh and healthy living due to its natural cleansing properties. It is with this hotel that the family explores, shares and offers the concept of fresh and positive living to its guests through its lime-inspired rooms, smoke-free environment, healthy foods and quality, friendly staff.                           

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